Impact Of Technology On Recruitment

Technology has been the biggest savior and a boon for mankind. From paper to going digital, the world took an eye-widening swerve. Its blessing of simplifying tasks and giving maximum output has given tremendous results in productivity leaping civilization to development in the shortest span possible.

Why Technology For Hiring?

Machines are getting smarter with automation. While human probing is still necessary in terms of sourcing, screening and analyzing profiles, technology has eased the work of a recruiter significantly at segmenting applicants. The structured organization of human resource management has made MNCs and corporates rely heavily on technology based solutions.


Hiring Made Simplified

A good number of applicants do not meet the desired skills and qualifications, but they give a try to the available opportunity. For an individual, making an application is easy than for an HR person to skim through thousands. Technology has brilliantly met this challenge by segmenting off the unqualified resumes.     

Applicant tracking system (ATS) is a widely used software application that enables electronic handling of recruitment and hiring needs. Driven by machine learning and artificial intelligence, ATS operates in multiple languages. The software matches the job description with the thousands of applications received from the profile bank in the company server. The best fit matches are filtered out for manual scrutiny.

The algorithm automatically ranks various profiles befitting the mentioned job description. Hence, it saves tremendous amount of effort and time in reviewing each application individually. Recruiters focus squarely on ATS identified matches. 

The trick to this sorcery lies in keyword match. ATS looks for similar words in the resume and statement of purpose to the given job description. Hence, it is vital for the applicant to optimize application as per ATS requirements.

Effective Talent Management

May it be a multi-national company or a small to medium enterprise, every organization has switched to human resource management system (HRMS). Both employees and employers, have access to data and report on monthly performance, pay roll, salary slips, appraisals and various other document storage under one umbrella; without hassling for these primary and importance information on regular basis. The stored data remains secure within the periphery of cloud or in-house server.

Each passing year and decade, innovators ease human workload. Though in its natal stage, technology has already shown remarkable difference in recruitment function. We are eager to see what more it can offer us.   

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