Contract VS Permanent Staffing?

Recruitment hunt takes more than right qualification, skills, and past work experience. With high end involvement of clients and projects, various determinants come to play in talent acquisition. Purview of multiple stakeholders are involved, needing scrutiny of personal attributes of an individual.

Essentially, background verification is done, yet hiring becomes no less than a play of rummy. It is for this reason contract hires are the best resort. It limits the scope of hiring errors and always keeps the option of replacement handy.

Expert Onboarding 

Projects are timed and short lived, with limited scope of renewal or expansion. It is always convenient to onboard a professional of the same domain and expertise for the desired period of time. While the permanent staff can also execute the same job, but with the expiry of the project timeline, his specialization might fail in matching the next project.


Hiring a specialist can be an expensive deal. With cut-throat offers are given in the market, organizations find it manageable inducting experts as consultants. This way not just do they expand their work domain without fully associating with the consultant, but it gives an opportunity of repo-building. This contractual relation paves way to various other avenues.

Experiential Stint

Unlike permanent staffing, contractual opportunities open way to explore long snubbed area of work interest. Taking a contract teaching opportunity in a rural school may prove soul satisfying and rejuvenating to an urban dwelling mechanical engineer. Such experiential stints open gateways to switching mundane jobs for any professional, which reflects in their quality of work and their outcomes.   


Hiring a contract employee also means hiring expert of the job who requires minimal to no supervision. The contract employee is given the complete ownership of the deliverables. Hence, giving better flexibility to the permanent staff, who will show better productivity and engagement to in-hand tasks.

Career Springboard

Contract applicants are majorly career focused with thirst to showcase their potential.   To them contract hiring acts as career springboards where they prove their mettle out of sheer talent and dedication; giving best possible results. Being an outsider with one foot in the company, they muddle through office politics, keeping the work environ hygienically productive.

Human beings lose charm in monotony if exposed to frequent and mundane tasks. It is evident that contract hiring have shown better results over permanent recruits. 

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